Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Free Rein for the Brain

Not much time to write. I'll do a little freewriting and let rhymes keep things going if I get stuck. Brain's open. I'll just reach right in and see what's going on up there. Self-editor, be gone!

There's no need to make a fuss, Gus. I've dropped off the key, Lee.
Here is your incentive, what's your hurry?
(Did you see that mouse scurry under the deck?)
Score cards pencil shavings everyone's got 'em.
A certain trial and error
(Shhh! You'll scare her!)
I once pulled my lashes/they continued to grow
Did you know right here *points* is the way to the show?
Here, take my tooth, you can work on it a bit
Twist it enough and the tissue will rip
Touch this molar back here and the lights will go out
There they go. Velvet seats. I haven't a doubt
That the show will be great
(It's an epic on hate)
I favor the fabric instead of the screen
(Is that mean?)
I can't help it. I work at the hole.
Take this thread, hear it rip, irresistible pull
My hair braids itself has a life of its own
It dances and reaches for the sunnier side of the room
Make way! Here it comes! Don't miss it! It's passing.
If it likes you, you'll know it. It will reach for your hand.
(Can you stand it?)
It's always just later than planned.
Let's play cards. Here- look at the nape of my neck.
(Did you check?)
A story is there. It's fair
to assume no one's read it. Instead it's
been dormant
(Are you an informant?)
Very funny. I've seen you before.

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