Friday, March 16, 2012

Pull Me Up

take a needle to my belly button
push it all the way through
from my lower back it will appear
pull up!
and out!

If you remembered to tie a knot
a knot a tidy little knot
then you are now ready
with a little coordination
and a bit of strength
to dangle me over just about any surface

start small
over that puddle, perhaps
I will teeter and totter a few inches above the ground
but I will try to help you out
by straightening my legs
and my arms
and holding them solid
so nothing touches the steamy asphalt

above the puddle
I will look down and see
my distorted features
my rippling nose
my wobbling eyes
and I will blow a stream of air
onto the surface
of the reflective me

when you tire of that
try something more challenging
something higher, perhaps
climb with me up the steps
of a playground slide
dangle me here
above the heated metal surface
warn me not to touch it
and I will not touch it

or take me to an overpass
above a busy highway
test the string
give it a tug
I would not want it to break
(nor would you)

when safety is assured
pick me up by my waist
and toss me high in the air
over the protective fencing
grab hold of the string
(both hands are preferred)
and watch me soar
until I jerk to a stop

here again I will make my legs
long and stiff

and my arms I will hold out
far and wide

the engine noises
will rumble in my chest
I will close my eyes
it will sound like the ocean

I will wonder if
you're ever going to pull me up

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