Tuesday, October 5, 2010

And So It Goes

Bite             Snort         Scratch       Cuddle
Rip              Grunt         Dig             Nap
Tear             Chomp      Pull             Run
Scream        Gnaw         Shake         Lead
Blood          Snore         Guard         Lick
Growl          Lap            Claw          Nudge
Hackles       Gobble       Chew         Whimper
Snap            Nibble        Sniff           Love

Quiet        Spaces        Empty       Places          Leash Hanging           Collar Sitting

Bedding (to trash)          Food bowl (to basement)          Food (to sister)   
    Mop (the floor)

Keep the blanket. Musty blanket. Ball it up and breathe it in.
Fold it over. Draw it near. Nap with it as though she's inside.

(Did you hear that?) I swear I heard that. (Time to go out?) I'll be right there.

Here's what I know: the rough black paw pads. the tiny skull under my hand. the snaggle tooth like a piece of broken marble. the places where the fur swirled. where it wouldn't lay down quite right. where it was black and where it was white. where it grayed when it used to be black. how the eyes glowed green in the dark. how the lips stretched out when pulled from the sides. how the whiskers were long and wiry-thick. the waxy black cracked lips. the tiny eyelashes. the tufts of white fur inside of her ears. chain jingling. head shaking. (can't you see I need to go out?) paw scratching. scratch-scratch-scratching (pay attention to me. screw your grading.) rope brought to my feet. frantic tail-wagging. downward dog. (i'm ready to play.) hop on the couch. the couch where i'm reading. spin once. twice. several times over. plop down in a tight ball and exhale deeply. (let's take a nap.)

(Did you hear that?) I swear I heard that. (Time to go out?) I'll be right there.



  1. Hi Bridget,
    Wonderfully written and more. Thanks for sharing it. Made me cry thinking of my Cosmo.

  2. That. really. sucks. that. you. lost. Beatrice. really.
    Sorry for your loss. The writing is excellent, though.